Wholesale Mobile Solutions


Nexlink provides low cost, fully kitted wireless equipment and accessories to MVNO/MVNEs across North America. This is a valuable addition to the mobility services that MVNO/MVNE provide to their value conscious customers.

Telecom Solution Partners

Telecom companies provide a variety of wireless services to their customers. Many Telecom companies find equipment sourcing a challenge. Nexlink supplies new and remanufactured wireless devices and accessories to their telecom partners, in addition to various vertical enterprise bundled solutions.


Nexlink purchases wireless equipment and accessories from a variety of wireless distributors across the country. In addition, Nexlink sells equipment and accessories in bulk to the same distributors and wholesalers.

Retail & Carrier Agents

Nexlink’s large inventory of EOL and CPO wireless equipment and accessories are sold to various wireless retailers across North America. Nexlink also provides wireless equipment and related software services to Tier 2 and 3 carriers. In addition, we support their enterprise verticals with equipment and service solutions.

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